Domestic Adoption: Why choose our adoption services?

The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey is a licensed adoption agency dedicated to quality services for children and families in New Jersey and Bucks County, PA. With more than a century of experience and expertise in the field, The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey offers many paths to building a family through adoption. If you would like more information about our home study and adoption services, please complete our online inquiry form below.

If you have additional questions, please contact Susan Scialpi, Adoption Specialist at (609) 695-6274 Ext. 176 or  Our adoption services are available to residents of New Jersey, Bucks County PA, and the area of Montgomery County PA that borders eastern Bucks County.

We are committed to working with birthparents of all backgrounds to help them make a plan for the care of their child, and when that plan is adoption, we work diligently to place the child with a permanent and loving adoptive family. We welcome adoptive families of all races, religions, ancestries, national origins, ages, sexual orientations and genders, as long as at their core is their ability to love, care for and support a child. Whatever type of adoption you pursue, CHSofNJ will offer our support and professional assistance from the application process through your adoption finalization. We believe that adoption is a lifelong process, and our services are designed to support families for the long term.