The New Jersey Cares for Kids program helps low and middle income families pay for the cost of child care based on eligibility. Parents must work at least 30 hours per week in a full-time or two part-time jobs, attend college or a training program full-time, or hold a part-time job and a part-time school schedule equaling full-time. Parents pay a portion of the child care cost based on their income and family size. NJCK pays the balance up to the state maximum for more information contact our intake department via telephone at (732) 557-9633. Ext 143.

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NJCK application cover letter Updated 4-2-24

NJCK Employment Verification Form

Family Size and Income Guidlines 3-1-2024


New-Jersey-Cares-for-Kids Spanish-Application

Kinship is a subsidy offered through the New Jersey Cres for Kids program that helps relatives who have custody of a relative’s children pay for child care. For example, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, etc., may be able to receive assistance through this program. For more information regarding this subsidy please contact Cheryl DeMartino via telephone at (732) 557-9633 Ext. 155 or via email at

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Kinship cover letter March 1 2024

Kinship Child Care Subsidy Application

Kinship Child Care Subsidy Application – Spanish

Provides child care assistance for families who have recently adopted a child. Eligibility is based on work hours with approval and referral from Department of Children Protection and Permanency (DCP&P)

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Post Adoption Child Care (PACC) Subsidy Application