Through the Post-Adoption Background and Search program, CHSofNJ provides adult members of the adoption triad (birth parents, adoptee, adoptive parents) with requested background information, search, and reunion services. CHSofNJ counsels all parties considering or participating in search and reunion and offers counseling after a reunion if requested. We do not advocate for or against searching, but respect each individual’s decision and provide support through the process. CHSofNJ also provides background and search services for CHSofNJ adoptees and birth parents, as well as other adult adoptees who have obtained their original birth certificates through the Department of Health. We can also provide intermediary and counseling services at the request of the birth parent.

Obtaining Original Birth Certificates

  • In New Jersey, as of January 2017, per the new Law PL14 Chapter 9, an adult adoptee at least eighteen years of age will be able to access their original birth certificate through the Bureau of Vital statistics. For further information about how to access your original birth certificate  click here.
  • Birth parents may submit a document for contact preference and to update family background as well as medical information after July 1, 2015. To access the necessary forms for contact preference click here.

To learn more about The NJ Adoptee Birth Right Act, visit NJ ARCH

  • In PA, as of 2016, per Act 127 of 2016, adult adoptees born in PA who meet certain criteria, may request their Original Birth Certificate. Adult adoptee must be at least 18 years of age and have graduated from high school, completed a GED, to have legally withdrawn from secondary school. Descendants of an adoptee may also apply. Birth parents may redact their names and can submit a contact preference form. If birth parents take no action, their names will be released on the original birth certificate.
  • For information how to access forms, log onto PA Department of Health:

As always, The Children’s Home Society will remain available to assist you through your search and reunion journey. Please contact Aisha Harper with any questions at 609.695.6274 x 149 or email

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