Family Success Centers (FSC) are community based, family-centered neighborhood gathering places where any community resident can go for support, information and services. FSCs are “one-stop” shops that provide wrap-around resources and supports for families before they find themselves in crisis. Family Success Centers offer primary child abuse prevention services to families and bring together concerned community residents, leaders, and community agencies to address the problems that threaten the safety and stability of families and the community.

There is no cost to access services provided by Family Success Centers (FSCs). We are designed to meet the needs of all families and children, keeping in mind the diversity of family structures, including birth families; foster, kinship, and adoptive families; extended families; families with adults who are single, unmarried couples, married, divorced, remarried, in a civil union, or domestic partnership.

Our services help enrich the lives of children by empowering parents and neighborhoods with tools to strengthen their families and communities.

  • Programs are tailored around the FSC Core Services Parent & Child Activities, Advocacy, Access to Health, Parent Education, Life Skills, Housing related services, and Information & Referral. Always following the principles of the 5 Protective Factors:
    • Parental Resilience: A parent’s ability to manage all types of challenges & find ways to solve problems, build and sustain trusting relationships including relationships with their children.
    • Social Connections: Friends, family & community provide emotional support, help solve problems, offer parenting advice, and give concrete assistance to parents.
    • Knowledge of Parenting & Child Development: Information about child development and appropriate expectations for children’s behavior help parents see children in a positive light and promotes healthy development.
    • Concrete Support in Times of Need: Meeting basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, and healthcare is essential. Adequate services & supports must be in place to provide stability, treatment and help for families in crisis.
    • Healthy Social & Emotional Competence of Children: A child’s ability to interact positively with others, self-regulate behavior and effectively communicate feelings has a positive impact on their relationships with family, other adults, and peers.

We believe that the community and its families share responsibility for designing, operating and overseeing the center through the Advisory Group. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to join the Parent Advisory Board to offer guidance and leadership.

    Our staff is always ready to assist you with:

    •  Information and referral services
    •  Assistance with Health Insurance application
    •  Housing referrals
    •  Assistance with community services
    •  Assistance with education services
    •  Parent education classes
    •  Parent child activities
    •  Resume writing
    •  ESL
    •  Financial education

    More Info/Resources

    Information and referral services

    • Assistance with NJ Family Care applications
    • Health Care Services
    • Housing Services
    • Assistance with Custody Issues
    • Assistance with Social Security applications
    • Assistance with Education School issues

    Parent education & support groups

    • Mommy & Me
    • Mommy Support Group
    • Polish Parent Education & Support Group

    Life Skills Training

    • Job Readiness & Resume Workshops
    • Computer Classes

    Economic Self-Sufficiency

    Financial Management Seminars


    • Parent Advisory Council
    • Community Services

    Home Visiting

    Home Visiting Programs

    Family Goal Setting

    Development of Family Success Plans

    Expanded Programs

    • Nutrition Education Groups
    • FREE Pregnancy Testing
    • Breastfeeding Education and Support
    • Parents Lounge


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    Contact Us

    1554 Princeton Avenue
    Trenton, New Jersey 08638
    (609) 393-2980 or email

    Agata Dziekonska
    Family Partner Specialist

    Aniela Brzoza
    Program Coordinator

    Socorro Garcia
    Program Supervisor