The Kidsbridge mission is to provide young people with a foundation to grow as empathetic individuals who become positive advocates for themselves and others, empowering them to challenge racism, bias, bullying, and other forms of discrimination.

Kidsbridge services:

Aspire (Grades 7 – 8) – A program designed to motivate youth to become their best self to overcome the daily obstacles they face inside and outside of the home

Zen Den (Grades 3 & 4) – An arts centered program designed to introduce youth to basic SEL language & self-regulating techniques, preparing them for Kidsbridge 5th & 6th grade curriculum.

Healthy Minds, Healthy Kids – (Grades 5 & 6) – A well-rounded SEL program that teaches youth various ways to self-regulate, in addition to recognizing and appropriately responding to instances of discrimination such as racism, bias, bullying, and more.

Kidsbridge In-School Services – (Grades K – 8) Multi-session SEL curriculum designed with your input for the various challenges youth face in your classroom, school district, and/or summer camp

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