Kin caregivers may petition the court to appoint them as Kinship Legal Guardian for a child living in their home when the child’s parents are unable to care for the child. A kinship legal guardian’s rights and responsibilities include making decisions about child care, medical treatment and education plans, applying for services for the child, and ensuring the child’s safety and well-being. Parental rights are not terminated when Kinship Legal Guardianship is granted.

Some families may be eligible also for a Kinship Legal Guardian Subsidy up to $250 per month per child. 

CHSofNJ offers assistance in applying for Kinship Legal Guardianship for your relative children through our Kinship Navigator program. To qualify, the child must be living in the caregiver’s home without a biological parent for a minimum of one year. For information, please call our toll free number 1 (800) 396-4518.