Family and Children Enhancing Emotional Success (FACES) provides clinical counseling interventions for children, who live in Mercer County and are not receiving other counseling services. FACES treatment interventions include individual counseling, parent-child counseling and parent-child therapy groups for pre-school aged children. Clinical services help children have successful social and emotional development and support their achievement in school.

FACES provides support for the parents of children receiving FACES services. This strengthens families by increasing stability and helping families learn new strategies for helping their child obtain improved behaviors, while enhancing the child’s self-esteem. Referrals can be made by DCPP through PerformCare. If our services are not appropriate, we will assist the family in finding an appropriate agency.

FACES services are confidential. FACES services can be accessed through us, through the Department of Children and Families under contracts with the Division of Child Protection and Permanency, and through the Children’s System of Care. To request an evaluation through the Children’s System of Care (formerly the Division of Child Behavioral Health Services), please call Perform Care, (877)-652-7624. Children between the ages of 5 and 21 can be eligible for behavioral health services through the Children’s System of Care. FACES can provide some of these services. Services are provided in the community or at The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey.

Nicole Coburger
Tel (609) 802-5213

Dolores Bryant
Tel: (609) 695-6274 Ext. 171