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Waiting Families

If you are considering an adoption plan, click below to view some of our waiting/hopeful families or read testimonials from happy families.  All families have been home study approved and reside in New Jersey.

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Hello! We are Corey and Clare. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about our family.

We became friends in high school, started dating in college, and got married several years after that. We became adoptive parents in 2016 when Grace was born and again in 2019 when Henry was born. Our children have brought so much happiness to our lives and we are incredibly grateful for them. We are really excited about the opportunity to welcome another child into our home. Especially Grace and Henry!

Corey is a consultant and Clare, who was working as a librarian, now stays home to care for Grace and Henry. In our free time, we love being outdoors, reading, going to concerts, dining out, and traveling. We have found that being parents has not hindered our desire to explore and go on adventures. If anything, having children has encouraged that more. We love to watch our kids learn new things and it has been so fun to see the world through their eyes. When we aren’t on the go, we enjoy spending time with the people we love. We both come from large families and we are very close with our siblings and parents. We also share an amazing group of friends whom we consider an extension of our family. Everyone is as thrilled as we are about the idea of us expanding our family.

We understand that as an expectant parent you are faced with an extremely difficult decision. We want you to know that if you chose us as adoptive parents, we will raise your child in a stable home and we will love them unconditionally. We want to maintain a positive relationship with you in the future. No matter what decision you make, we wish you all the best.

Hi- we are Andy and Francine.

We are looking to give a child a life full of love, support and opportunities. We know that we can offer unconditional love, a safe and stable home, a good education, emotional and financial support.

To learn more about us, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Dear Expecting Mother,

Thank you for taking time to read this. We haven’t met yet, but I have been praying for you as I imagine the range of thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing. I believe in my heart that you are acting out of love and appreciate you considering me as a parent to your child. I promise to love and support your child unconditionally. They already hold a special place in my heart, and I look forward to nurturing a loving relationship as we take this journey together.

A Little About Me:

I love music and singing. I sing in the choir and have an amazing church family that I love! Like my dad, I have a cooky sense of humor and love a good laugh. I enjoy eating out and trying different foods – and I LOVE pancakes! J I have an almost 2-year-old dog, named Penny. She’s super friendly and happy! She thinks it’s her job to stop and say hello to everyone she sees. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my mom or my best friend, Angie, or sipping coffee at the neighborhood Starbucks. During the summer, I love to visit a good beach, the zoo, and just spend time outdoors. My life is pretty simple and blessed. I grew up in diverse neighborhood in New York where I was raised by mother as an only child. I visited my father in New Jersey on the weekends. My family life was unique. I was an only child in every sense of the word and I was also the youngest of my father’s three daughters. I was blessed to have sibling-like relationships with two of my cousins and was surrounded by the love of a small, but mighty family on my mother’s side. These days my immediate family remains small in size and huge in love, while my extended family continues to be an important part of my life. My immediate and extended families consist of biological and adopted relatives, half-siblings, stepsisters, nieces and nephews, and friends who have become family – all proving to me that love is what makes a family great.

My mother lives about 20 minutes away from me and we are extremely close. I love our relationship and believe it will serve as a blueprint for my parenting. She taught me to be kind and respectful, and more than that, she taught me at a young age that my voice was important and I was worthy of respect. My mom can’t wait to be a grandma! In addition to her, I have a strong village of friends and family in New York and New Jersey that I am most grateful for. They are super excited about my adoption journey, and a few have even dropped hints about wanting to be godparents. I’m smiling as I write this because I know that your child will be loved beyond measure!

The neighborhood I live in reminds me a bit of the one I grew up in as a child. My neighbors are friendly, children run and play outside, and lots of people have dogs. The town is small and relatively diverse, with a library and downtown area in walking distance. I am near friends and family in both New York and New Jersey. I have a sunny two-bedroom garden apartment that has been very comfortable for Penny and me, and my mom, when she stays over. Although I don’t have a backyard, I am able to spend a lot of time outside in any of the grassy areas in my development and there’s a great playground on site.

My Hope and Dreams About Adoption I have prayed about adoption for a very long time and can’t wait to become a parent. I am at a point in my life where I have accomplished great things in my career and wish to focus on building my family and pouring out the abundance of love in my heart. I appreciate the openness of adoptions today and am committed to fostering a relationship that helps your child to be secure in the fact she/he is loved.

There’s so much I hope for that I don’t have adequate words to describe, but I’ve tried to capture some of it in a letter to my future child:

Click to Read Letter

Thank you for taking time to read this letter and for considering me as a parent to your child. I look forward to meeting you someday!

With love,



Hi. Thanks for taking the time to read about our family. My name is Lindsay, and I have an 8 year-old son. I grew up in a small town in South Jersey and played and competed in many sports. I initially went to college to become a Special Education teacher. I went on to get a masters in Clinical Psychology and loved it so much that I completed the doctoral program in Clinical Psychology as well. I currently work with children and adults who have experienced trauma in their lives. Because my job is very flexible, I am able to be very involved with my son’s life. I spend one day in the office each week, and the rest I am able to do from home on my own time and schedule. I also have experience working in an inpatient psychiatric hospitalization setting, and feeding day treatment programs for kids. In my free time I like to go for walks, do yoga, listen to podcasts, and lift weights.

Since my child was born my number one priority has been making sure he is happy and feels loved, and I would do the same for your child. My son is a sensitive, kind, and open-minded little boy. We spend most of our time doing lots of fun kid activities. Our favorite things to do as a family are go to amusement parks, aquariums, playgrounds, museums, musicals, and trampoline parks. We like to vacation down the shore and in the Poconos with family. We are very involved with the school and all the community events that happen in our town. We live in a small town close to where I grew up, and we really love our neighbor and school system here. Our town has a great elementary school that is very close by with a wonderful preschool program. They do a lot of activities for the families after school hours, and they also have some clubs for the kids. We live a relaxed, laid back, and simple life, but we also like to have a lot of fun! One thing I have really made a priority since my son was born is our bedtime routine. We make sure we spend at least an hour every night before bed without distractions. We love to read books and talk about our day. It’s a great time to connect. We have lots of love to give and would love to include another little one in this routine.

My mom lives close by, and we talk daily. She is a nurse and will be able to help with childcare on days when I have to go into the office once a week. I am close with other family members who live in the area as well. I also have lots of friends with little ones for support. My son has a lot of cousins, and he loves playing with them whenever he gets a chance. Our family gets together often for holidays, birthdays, day trips, and play dates.

Growing up I went to a Presbyterian Church. It was a very friendly and supportive environment. I was baptized and confirmed there. I was also involved in the children’s choir, bells, and youth group there. I spent a lot of time at the church, and I had so many positive experiences. While we don’t currently attend a church, I talk to my son about various different religions and encourage him to ask questions. We also spend a lot of time talking about different cultures. He is very proud of his heritage and I hope to instill that in your child as well.

I always knew since I was a child that I wanted to adopt one day. It was my first choice in growing my family. We had a family friend who adopted, and my best friend adopted as well. I used to be a foster parent through CHS years ago, and I have kept in touch with several of the former foster parents who have adopted. Most of my clinical work has involved working with children who were adopted as well. Adoption always had a place in my heart, and I am always looking to learn and grow so that I can best help a child who’s story involves adoption. I feel like the time is finally right for me to open my home for adoption. I try to make decisions only after carefully thinking them through. When I was a foster parent we used to gift the children a book called Wherever You Go My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman. The message was meaningful to us and we felt it was an important message for others involved with adoption as well. Even if a child is not physically in your presence your love will always find them. I plan to begin sharing about adoption and the child’s birth family from day one through books like this one as long as you are open to that. I am also hoping to continue regular contact if that is okay with you. My favorite quote from that special book is, “You are my angel, my darling, my star… and my love will find you, wherever you are.” Your child will always know how much you love them.


Dear Expectant Parent,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile and considering us as placement for your baby. We cannot imagine what this might be like for you and we really appreciate the opportunity to be considered. Our names are Michael and Meghan, we live in Kenilworth, New Jersey. We both work from home full time. Michael is in IT and I am a mental health therapist and worked for years as a special education teacher prior to making the career switch. We do not have any children at this current time. We have not been able to grow a family of our own and have discussed and considered adoption since before we even got married and we would discuss family. We believe that adoption is the right avenue for us.

Michael and I met in 2015 and were married in 2019. We are also in the middle of planning our wedding in the Catholic church. We were not able to get married in the church at first but are excited to have the opportunity now. I am a Catholic and religion is very important to me. I was raised Catholic and faith was an important part of my childhood and upbringing. Prior to the pandemic I attended church multiple times per week and was involved in the church’s bereavement group as church grounds me. Michael and I attend church weekly and at times go with my parents. Michael was raised Serbian Orthodox but attends church with me. Growing up his family was active in the Serbian Orthodox church and his father is still connected. The Servian Orthodox church has a lot of traditions that were practiced in Michael’s home growing up.

We are a laid back couple, who like to be active but also find quiet time important, we like to take day trips, see family and friends, go to the movies, spending time shopping, and be outside. Michael works with computers and computer systems, he enjoys building computers and making home improvements that include making the house “smarter.” He also enjoys building things on his 3-D printer. I am active, I enjoy taking long walks and hikes, spending time with her siblings, projects in the house, singing and music, and craft projects (I just bought a Cricut and am learning how to use it). We also recently bought a new home and we are still working on settling in. We enjoy spending time with family, Mike’s father lives down by the beach and we visit throughout the year. During the warmer months we like to go to the boardwalk near his house and grab pizza or ice cream. Mike has a younger brother who is married with 2 younger children (ages 3 and 1) and they live about 25 minutes away from us. My father and stepmother as well as younger brother and sister live about 20 minutes away and we see them often. I have a few nieces and nephews, that range in age from 23 to 11. We have three small dogs; Shelly is a 15 year old Shih Tzu, Abbey is a 9 year old Shih Tzu and Frankie is a 6 year old Shih Tzu mix. We like taking them on walks and they enjoy playing. We live in small town, it has a downtown area with shops and restaurants. Right down the street from our house is a playground/park. Our town has town and school sports as well as dance studios and karate studios. We have a 4 bedroom center hall colonial. We have a backyard with an above ground pool. We also have a private swim club that is in walking distance to the house that has a playground and offers swim lessons and other child friendly activities.

We are looking to give a child a warm, loving, and safe home full of opportunities. We want to offer a child unconditional love and support to grow into their full potential and become their authentic self. We are able and excited to provide a child with emotionally support, financial security and with unconditional love. We believe it is important for a child to have experiences and be able to engage in activities and things that help them develop. In terms of child care, Michael and I both work from home with flexible schedules and we both plan on taking time off from work when the child first comes home. We do not plan on using a day care or preschool until the child is older and mostly for socializing. We will be hiring someone to come into our home to care for the baby a few hours a day, but we will both be home while they are here. We are very grateful to have the ability to be very present and stay home with the baby while they are young, and everyone is transitioning.

We started the adoption process in the fall, but it is something we have talked about since before getting married. We are working with the Children’s Home Society of NJ. We have taken classes in preparation for adoption that discussed bounding, trauma, boundaries and setting/having realistic expectations. We absolutely welcome the idea of an open adoption if the birth mother is open. We think it is in the best interest of the child. We also understand that adoption is not an easy choice for a birth mother and in many ways can be traumatic. We feel that an open relationship between all parties can help ease some of the questions and fears that birth mothers may experience. It also allows the child a link to their past and an understanding of why they were placed with another family.

Again, we really appreciate you considering us to be a part of your journey in this process.


Thank you,

Michael and Meghan

We were introduced by a mutual friend in 2001, and hit it off right away. We were married in 2013 and have been wanting to start a family for a while now. Jaclyn was adopted into her family as an infant, and always knew that she would want adoption to be a part our journey to parenthood. We know it’s an incredible person to have to make this choice, and are honored to be considered to be the family to raise your child and give them all of the love, structure, and encouragement we each received growing up.

We both work in sales, and Jaclyn is lucky enough to be able to work from home. In our free time, we love to be with family, friends (and their kids!) and our dog, Merry! Jaclyn also loves to cook, read, and take martial arts classes; Eric loves to work on crossword puzzles, watch football, and they both love attending trivia nights and planning their next vacation.

Our families are both excited for us to add to our family, and we’re excited to share our lives with children. We live in a wonderful neighborhood with lots of parks and walking trails nearby, the town pool, and plenty of great community programs through the library and the parks department.


We were both raised to have natural curiosity and love of learning, and we look forward to learning about our child and their heritage, as well as learn new things together and through their eyes. We will support any amount of communication you would be comfortable with. As an adoptee herself, Jaclyn knows how important it is to know where you’ve come from. You will always be an important part of your child’s story, and our story as a family.

Dear Expectant Parents,

¡Hola! We are Carlos and Maria Andreina, and we are thrilled to introduce ourselves to you through this adoption profile. As you consider the incredible journey of adoption, we want to provide you with a glimpse into our lives and the love and warmth we can offer to a child, in a home where Spanish is spoken and our Latin heritage is celebrated.


We are a loving couple who believe in the power of family, cultural connection, and embracing diversity. Our shared Hispanic background has shaped our values, traditions, and the way we see the world. We are excited to pass on our rich heritage and provide a nurturing environment where a child can flourish.

Our Love Story:

Carlos and Maria Andreina’s love story began over more than a decade ago when we met through mutual friends. Our connection was immediate, and we quickly discovered a shared passion for adventure, travel, and building a meaningful life together. We got married eleven years ago, we have been together thirteen years and have since grown even closer through our shared experiences and mutual support.

Home and Family Life:

We reside in a warm and welcoming neighborhood in a suburban area. Our home is a cozy and loving space we have carefully cultivated, filled with laughter, warmth, and endless opportunities for growth and creativity. We have created a nurturing environment where love and respect are the foundation of our family life. We love having people over and doing barbecues and parties. We have a large family and we are very close to our family and relatives. Carlos has two grown-up daughters from another relationship that are living abroad and he enjoys being part of their lives even though they are not close to our home. We have not been able to grow a family of our own.


Carlos is an accomplished architect who finds joy in creating spaces and drawings that inspire and uplift others. When he’s not designing beautiful furniture and buildings, he enjoys playing golf, a sport that challenges him mentally and physically as well as cooking delicious meals and traveling around the world. Carlos is a patient and caring individual, always ready to lend a helping hand. He is excited to share his passion for architecture and the cooking arts with a child, fostering their creativity and curiosity.

Maria Andreina:

Maria Andreina is a compassionate paralegal who believes in fighting for justice and making a positive impact on people’s lives. Recently, she discovered her love for writing children’s books, allowing her to nurture her imagination and inspire young minds. She also enjoys reading, traveling around the world, and doing yoga, finding solace and peace in the practice. Maria Andreina is eager to share her love for literature and mindfulness with a child, encouraging their imagination and inner strength.

Our Values:

We believe that every child deserves a loving and nurturing environment where they can grow and thrive. We prioritize open communication, respect, and empathy in our relationships. We cherish the values instilled in us by our families. Respect, love, and the importance of family bonds are deeply ingrained in our everyday lives. We believe in the power of education, open-mindedness, and celebrating the family union.

Our Promise to You:

If chosen as adoptive parents, we promise to provide your child with a loving and nurturing environment where their identity is cherished and celebrated. We will instill in them strong values, resilience, and a sense of belonging. We envision family adventures, holidays filled with laughter, and creating cherished memories together. We are eager to provide a stable, loving, and joyful upbringing that allows a child to realize their potential and follow their dreams.

Our Hopes and Dreams:

We dream of a future filled with love, laughter, and shared experiences. We envision family gatherings where our traditions are passed down from generation to generation. We want to create a home where a child feels safe, supported, and encouraged to chase their dreams. Our hearts are open, and we are excited to provide a loving upbringing that nourishes their individuality and helps them become the best version of themselves.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us as potential adoptive parents. We understand that choosing a loving and supportive home for your child is a profound decision, and we feel honored to be considered. If you believe we might be the right fit for your child, we would be overjoyed to welcome them into our hearts and embark on this incredible journey of love, growth, and celebrating our family union together.

Con cariño,

With warmest regards,

Carlos and Maria Andreina



Step-parent adoption:

Our Adoption is official!!! Thank you so much for your guidance, patience, and most of all your love for your job to help families like mine.

You are forever in our hearts and thank you always for being great!


Adoption of relative/child already in the home:

Thank you so much. You are both wonderful and have made our family so happy. We were truly blessed to have you both in our lives. Thank you for caring and doing such a great job. I can see that you both put the needs and safety of the children you work with above all and we appreciate that more then you’ll ever know. Thank you from my entire family and God Bless you both always.


Adoption 2 children:

When we started our adoption journey years ago, we researched countless agencies to help us start our family. We read mission statements, evaluated fee structures, and attended information sessions. There was so much information to process and we felt extremely overwhelmed when it came time for us to make a commitment. A serendipitous encounter with an old family friend and fellow adoptive parent was all it took. She introduced us to the Children’s Home Society of NJ and we immediately moved forward with them based on her recommendation. We could have never known at the time that this decision would be the best one of our lives. The agency has placed two beautiful children with us and we can safely say that our family would not be what it is today without them.

What stands out to us is the CHSofNJ’s effort to form a bond and build trust with both adoptive families and birth parents. Their goal is to facilitate healthy relationships and happy families. As we navigated the home study, waiting period, and eventual placement process, we constantly found ourselves relying on the experienced counselors to guide us through uncharted waters. They were there when we met a birth mother for the first time, when we went to the hospital nursery to meet our child for the first time, and when we went to court to finalize the adoption. This holds true for both adoptions we’ve been blessed with. They always show up, especially when it counts! The agency has also served as the intermediary for communications (such as photographs and life updates) between us and the birth mothers, which is very valuable to us. We love that the relationship we have with the agency goes beyond just placement. They truly are our partner on this lifelong journey.

The CHSofNJ is an institution that has existed for over 125 years, and it is definitely a benefit to know that their mission has stood the test of time and will continue to do so.

Adoption one child:

In Spring 2018, my husband and I decided to look into adoption, we were both over 40, had been married for a year, were house hunting and wanted to complete our family. I found CHS online, I liked that they had been in business for over 100 years and served the community. We went for our first appointment in June 2018 and I knew that this was how we were going to complete our family. Everyone we met from CHS has fully and lovingly supported us throughout our journey to be a family. The staff were always available to answer my many, varied, crazy questions. I truly believe that when we got our call the angel who called us was just as happy as we were.

We got our call on July 31, 2019, and on August 1, 2019 we brought home our perfect, gorgeous son, Danny.

Post adoption, I feel just as much support from CHS as I did pre-adoption. The agency helped facilitate a meeting with the police officer who delivered our son and is trying to help us connect with Danny’s brother’s family.

We firmly believe that CHS is full of amazing people who want to help make a family. I feel supported and like a part of their family. They know my son and want to stay involved in our lives. If this is the path you decide to choose, I know they will do their best to help complete your family.


Adoption one child:

We know the wait is long as the process is tedious. Hold on do not give up on hope! Seven years ago, we got a phone call about a beautiful baby girl that was ready to be adopted. Mind you there’s not much notice. Sometimes and no matter how much you prepare material wise. It’s never enough. Back on June 26, 2015 we picked up our daughter at three days old, she was absolutely perfect and still is to this day children’s home. Society is wonderful they give 200% in trying to give everyone a child as fast as possible. The home study is wonderful just a suggestion it really is worth setting up your own nursery, having your infant or your toddler sleep in their own room. Our daughter is so happy go lucky extremely smart she knows she’s adopted. We never hit it from her. We used the word adoption from the get go. Read your child books that focus on understanding adoption it makes it easy as well as fun for your child to understand how special they are because they are adopted. Hang in there. The best day of your life could be any day!!!! Wishing everyone an exciting journey through the adoption process.


Adoption two children:

CHS of NJ has been a part of my family before I was even born. My grandmother was a foster parent for them in the 1960s, eventually adopting who is my uncle today. When my husband and I were exploring different ways of building the family we had always dreamed of, it was natural for us to look at CHS of NJ first. Since then, they have been supportive of us in every way imaginable. We are now the ecstatic parents of a boy and girl, both adopted from CHS of NJ shortly after their births. While their adoption stories are vastly different, I never had the anxiety or fears that could accompany the process. CHS of NJ covered every base, both for us as the adoptive parents and for the birth parents as well. CHS of NJ has facilitated

agreements between us and their birth parents that are beneficial to all involved and I couldn’t imagine the life we have today if it were not for them.


Adoption one child:

Our official journey of building on our family started back when we got married in the end of 2019.

Adoption was always our main choice as we wanted to be able to impact a child’s life for the better. Our journey felt like the two longest years of life, especially due to COVID. But everyone said when it’s right we will know it and it will happen. So in the beginning of 2022 we matched but then we suffered an interruption-the baby was born and mom decided to parent. Which was heartbreaking, but in hindsight, destiny.

Because less than two months later we matched again and a few days later our son, Jaxon was born.

From the first day in the hospital meeting our little man, we felt the connection and knew this was our family’s destiny.

Even with the interruption and the waiting through a pandemic, OUR SON CAME HOME!

He was always meant to be ours and we were always meant to be his. Together we are family.

“Ohana means family”

– Nick and Lou