The Ocean Therapeutic Visitation Program (OTV) is contracted with the Department of Child Protection and Permanency Ocean County Offices. The primary goal of the Ocean Therapeutic Visitation Program is to achieve improved parent-child interaction, continue to develop or enhance parent-child bond during separation, and provide a supportive environment to assist families in talking about the reason for their separation and process their related thoughts and feelings. It also allows the clinician to assist the birth parents with any difficult questions that may arise during visitation, such as “Why am I not living with you?” etc.

Therapeutic Visitation allows the CHS of NJ clinician to observe and assess many aspects of family functioning. It is a forum for our clinician to model appropriate parenting. The clinician educates the birth families about age appropriate limit setting for their child and appropriate responses to their children’s behaviors. The clinician is able to coach the birth parents with interventions, assist them in positively engaging with their children, and learn ways to effectively manage any maladaptive behaviors. 

Overall, the family has clear input into developing their plan and their goals.

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